General terms and conditions of sale

  1. By placing an order, our customer expressly accepts the following terms and conditions of sale. These apply to all sales with and made by us. Other terms and conditions are only valid if they are expressly stated in writing by us. Actual deviations by us or patience on the part of the customer, even if they are repeated, do not entitle the customer to invoke them and do not constitute an acquired right in the first place. Deviating stipulations on the order forms of our customers are expressly recognised as invalid. They recognise these terms and conditions of sale on the contrary if the rules govern the contract between ourselves and the buyer.
  2. Information or prices in catalogues, leaflets, rates, diskettes, etc. are to be regarded as information. The prices charged are the prices of the day.
  3. In the event of insolvency, imminent insolvency or rumours in this respect, we reserve the right not to execute orders, even if previously accepted by us, or to demand, prior to delivery, a deposit specifically consigned to our benefit, sufficient to cover the cost of the delivery.
  4. The goods are always deemed to have been sold, delivered and accepted in our warehouses. They will then always travel at the expense and risk of the client, regardless of whether the shipment is free, fob or cif.
  5. We always provide the customer with delivery dates for information purposes. No delay in delivery can give rise to cancellation of the purchase - sale to our detriment, nor to compensation. In case of force majeure, we are relieved of our obligation to deliver, without compensation.
  6. For orders and deliveries below 250.00 EUR EXCLUSIVE V.A.T., we are entitled to charge a fixed amount of 10 EUR EXCLUSIVE V.A.T. for administration costs, in addition to any postage costs.
  7. The goods sold remain our property as long as the purchase price has not been paid in full, this is even the case when the goods delivered have been resold. In that case, our right of ownership shall pass to the resold goods. The buyer unambiguously acknowledges to accept this retention of title clause and, where applicable (seizure, failure, etc...) to inform third parties thereof.
  8. All complaints about non-conformity of deliveries and invoices must reach us 8 days after the delivery / dispatch of the invoice. Complaints about quantities must be formulated at the time of delivery / acceptance. Any complaint made outside these time limits is inadmissible. All complaints must reach us in writing. Complaints found to be justified oblige us to replace the non-conforming goods, without the customer being entitled to any compensation. The processing of the goods implies that the customer is deemed to have accepted the goods, even for hidden defects. Complaints for non-conformity, after processing, are therefore not admissible.
  9. Invoices must be paid on the agreed due date at our registered office. If no due date has been stipulated, our invoices are payable in cash within 8 days. If payment is not made by the due date, a default interest of 12% per annum, always calculated as from the invoice date, on the principal sum including VAT, shall be due ipso jure and without a notice of default being required.
  10. Any discounts agreed in writing for cash payments may only be deducted if all previous invoices have been paid by the debtor, even if the possible due date has not yet arrived.
  11. After the sending of a reminder by simple letter - e-mail - fax that has not been followed up, and without prejudice to expressly agreed otherwise payment terms between the parties, the entire amount of the buyer's debts shall be due and payable by operation of law and without further notice, even if the possible due date of one or more invoices has not yet been reached, and any reductions for cash payment agreed in writing shall lapse.
  12. If payment is not made within the agreed period, the customer shall also be liable by operation of law, but after a reminder, for fixed compensation of 15% calculated on the principal amount (including VAT), with a minimum of EUR 150 and a maximum of EUR 3,000.
  13. Drawing bills of exchange does not mean novation. This implies that, regardless of the exchange transaction, the present terms and conditions of sale remain in full force and effect in their entirety. We accept bills of exchange on condition that they are accepted by the person concerned and advanced by a third, solvent person, if the person concerned is not a physical person, but a moral person. The expiry date on the bills of exchange will never be longer than 90 days. In any case, the buyer will have to bear the discounting costs, which will be charged to him separately by us.
  14. Any guarantee on the invoiced goods only applies to the extent that this guarantee is covered by the manufacturer/supplier and insofar as the guarantee conditions, stipulated by the latter, have been met.
  15. All disputes shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts having territorial jurisdiction over the jurisdiction in which we have our registered office. Unless we choose to apply the rules of common law in accordance with the Judicial Code. In any case, in the event of a dispute, the client will have to summon us before the competent court for the jurisdiction in which we have our registered office.